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ERIC background papers

The SoilMap Saga (540 KB)
Provides the context and history for the development and commercialisation of radiometrics in soil mapping.

Researching Science (750 KB)
Examines what science is, what scientific research does, how it does it, and practical and theoretical constraints to implementation.

Review of the MDB Guide (150 KB)
Provides a comprehensive review of the 2010 Murray Darling Basin Guide.

Cost of Doing Nothing (CDN) (450 KB)
A financial model based on the cost of doing nothing (CDN) is presented as an alternative to the existing business model based on return on investment (ROI). The CDN is designed to maintain an existing level of development while providing improvements, as opposed to the ROI providing developments through growth.

Government Contempt for Science (142 KB)
Examines the treatment of science by government through education and the management of scientific research.

Impact of Economists on the Environment (142 KB)
The role of economists in addressing the environment is examined in relation to climate change. Issues examined include assigning environmental expertise to economists, and the use of business models to address problems that have arisen through the application of business models.

Law and the Environment (160 KB)
Addresses motivations behind environmental legalisation and its use for promoting different agendas. Means of achieving environmental outcomes that benefit the public are examined.

Enquiry into the Science of Climate Change (146 KB)
Issues associated with enquiries into science are addressed. Issues include the need to establish an analytical framework before information is collected that takes account of the potential for multiple causes of global warming, and to separately address the preferred means of remediation.